About Plooral

Empowering people to discover and create their own value in the job market.

Who we are

[Plu-ral]: Consisting of, containing, or pertaining to more than one · pertaining to or involving a plurality of persons or things · being one of such a plurality.

For businesses

who need to recruit and develop their workforce for company needs.

Plooral reinvents how talent can be taught and new roles created.

For employees

who want to grow in their careers,

Plooral creates new opportunities through learning, collaboration and development.

For candidates

who need to find job opportunities,

Plooral develops skills for the future.

For partners

who want to support our mission,

Plooral makes it easy for everyone to win together.

We are Plooral


We create products, solutions and experiences that value human emotions and lives.


We take responsibility and follow through our work, actions and results.


We continuously learn and are averse to stagnancy and conformity.


We build relationships with our customers, employees and partners around integrity, transparency and honesty.

Our mission

To close the talent skills gap
between people and organizations

Plooral started by giving candidates the tools to fully express their interests, abilities and potential beyond the traditional resume to land their dream jobs. Today, our mission has transformed into helping people in all stages of life, learn and build skills to grow and choose a career path that values their unique talent.

Our mission is to close the skills gap between people and companies, by helping organizations develop their workforce, foster intellectual capital and promote an employee-centric lifelong learning work environment.

Through Plooral’s data, technology and collaborative ecosystem, people, companies and educational providers can finally reinvent the eduployment journey together.

Plooral pertains
to more than one.

Founded in

We are a community of 1M+ users

We share 10k+job opportunities per month

Net Promoter Score of 70+

We help 10K+candidates get hired per month

Want to add more plurality to our team? Join us!


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