3 Assessment Tests Candidates Can Take & How They’ll Help Your Company Grow

Jaime Ramos
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Hiring is not an easy job, right?  Recruiters need to choose their candidates wisely, especially if they require professionals with certain behavioral and technical skills.

We list below the 3 most used and effective tests in identifying talent that can easily be adapted in your work environment and company culture!

Behavioral Tests

What it tests: Behavioral tests are created to give deep and predictable insights on how candidates can behave, react or what drives a candidate to do something specific in given situations. These tests are created to determine the compatibility between candidates and companies or to analyze how a candidate would operate under a certain set of circumstances.

How it helps the company: Behavioral tests ultimately help you as a recruiter identify which candidates would make a better cultural fit within a company, or points out which candidates demonstrate potential in roles that require high levels of concentration and drive. Behavioral tests also prove to be effective for companies that value internal and external relationship building or global businesses that seek open-minded, flexible candidates. Hiring candidates with gratifying behavioral test scores improve overall collaboration, communication, and unity amongst teams.

Skills Tests

What it tests: It’s no surprise that skills tests are ultimately given to test a candidate’s skills for a specific role or job requirement. Remembering from our previous post that mastering these specific skills are a must not only for today but especially for the future with the rise of technology. Skills tests not only offers your HR team a glimpse into candidate’s weaknesses and strengths, but also helps you determine how much training needs to be done so the candidate can successfully manage their job duties.

How it helps the company: If candidates are tested for their skills before landing a job, this will naturally help businesses decrease the costs involved in hiring, training and interviewing candidates. Hiring an unqualified candidate who needs further training or who will not perform the necessary skills required to excel in the position will only amount to preventable costs associated with unsuccessful hires.  

Cognitive Tests

What it tests: Cognitive tests will take a deeper dive in assessing a candidate’s ability to problem solve, reason, memorize and perceive situations when facing certain circumstances. It also indicates a candidate’s capability to grasp new concepts in the workplace and adapt quickly to changes within a fast-paced environment. Cognitive tests can ultimately point out which candidates will learn and understand better than others, and which ones have a higher chance of successfully working independently if needed.  

How it helps the company: According to the Predictive Index, psychologists highlight that finding and choosing a candidate with cognitive abilities that efficiently match with the job, is the single strongest predictor of job success and performance across all job levels and industries. The candidates who score highly in these tests will be strong team players who will most definitely contribute to a company’s growth and overall success.

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In conclusion,

There are many different types of assessment tests that you can give your candidates to further analyze the most important parts of their personality, abilities, skills, weaknesses, and strengths. Other tests not mentioned here are emotional intelligence tests, job-specific tests, simulation tests and more!

There are many possibilities. Use your creativity and let tools, like Plooral, help you along the way.