How to create the perfect position for the perfect candidate?

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It’s not always easy to find the best employee for your company. It takes into consideration many factors, from the job listing to the application and hiring process… but it doesn’t have to be as painful and boring as it looks.

Listing a job position may be one of the key factors in your hiring process. It’s where you will describe everything the candidate needs to know about your job, and whether he fits your profile or not. This is where you can “convince” them to apply, because after all, without candidates, there is no one to hire.

So how do you find the perfect candidate? Let’s start with the easiest one, or at least it should be, right? Check out these tips:

  • Job Title

By looking at the title, candidates will decide if they open your listing or not, to then check the description and then determine if their interested.

How to avoid curious candidates from applying? 

Be straight to the point and use short titles. The description comes after the title, so don’t worry about the details just yet… Also try to avoid superficial titles, or titles that are not clear for the position.

Want an example? Take a look:

Wrong: Editor/Reporter for Newspaper and Website

Correct: Editor

Wrong:Performance Analyst III

Correct: Senior PHP Developer

  • Job Description

What do you need to do to describe a position? Only what is necessary! It’s crucial to instigate your candidate’s interest, so they can finish your entire hiring process, but it’s also important to expose them to your company right away.

Make it more than just a job listing, the candidate is your client now.

  1.  Be brief:

Be brief while explaining the position tasks, however don’t take too long explaining, otherwise your candidates will apply without reading them, or will get scared with the amount of responsibilities.

       2. Be honest:

Don’t try to disguise your listing, the only way you can guarantee you’ll hire your ideal candidate is by being honest with him.

Wrong: Likes to work hard

Correct: Might have to travel for work

  • What’s a requirement or not?
  1. Requirements you can ask: These are the most important characteristics you need from your candidates. Be aware of requirements that are discriminatory and illegal to list down such as gender, age, race, religion, disability, sexual preference, political opinion, nationality, social class, or credit scores.
  2. Requirements are just the first screening filters: They are the minimal acceptable responsibilities needed to effectively fill out a position. It shouldn’t be the description of the perfect candidate. At this point you’re not trying to decide who to hire, but defining the basic skills needed to proceed with the application process.
  3. Candidate personality: Personalities aren’t quite a requisite: It’s very common to come across requirements that list a type of personality needed. Example “Required to be a positive and outgoing professional.” These types of requirements tell your applicants what type of person your company is looking for, but it doesn’t mean that if they’re not outgoing they won’t be a qualified match for the position. Be careful about accidentally eliminating qualified candidates based on personality traits or other ‘non-essential’ requirements.
  4. Don’t create unrealistic requirements: Avoid listing unrealistic skills or experience. Example: A Java Developer who is fluent in 5 languages, has a masters in Programming, has more than 10 years of experience in the industry, that knows how to manage finances, volunteers on the side and plays the piano – probably isn’t a profile that’s as easy to find. Also, make sure your requirements make sense together. If you’re looking for someone for an entry level position, don’t require your candidates to have 10+ years of experience to apply for the job.

A quiz for your candidate?

What if you have a more skilled job position and need a more thorough hiring process?

That’s not a problem when using Plooral. With our platform, you can apply tests for your candidates and evaluate their soft & hard skills. You can even apply questionnaires and quizzes, this way you optimize your time and filter your candidates more effectively. You also discard the unqualified ones, or those who don’t have the abilities or experience necessary for the job.

Our platform also offers a candidate video-presentation step for the application process. This way you learn things about them that wouldn’t be possible learning with only a resumé.

  • Company

What about marketing your company? The candidates are definitely going to “Google” you, after all, no one decides to work for a company that they know nothing about or that they might not have heard of.

Expose your brand:

This is the perfect opportunity to show your candidates that your company is unique and to share some of it’s values and culture. Demonstrate why your candidates must choose you instead of the competition.

What makes your company stand out? Prove it!

Where? How?

With Plooral it can be easy, fast and even fun! Check it out!