Is your HR missing technology?

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Does your HR lack technology?

Making use of technology is fundamental in today’s world, no matter what business you’re in. In the Human Resources sector, it’s almost a requirement in order to have a more strategic process and gain optimized results. However, the adoption of new  technologies is something most companies don’t pay attention to.

A recent research about the use of technology in HR with 2.618 participants – 68% from the Human Resources sector,  and the rest from IT, administration, sales, customer service – showed that 86% of professionals believe Human Resources is one of the most strategic industries. 96% of these participants believe that technology is either indispensable or a very important aspect to a successful recruitment process.

It  seems though, that companies are still not ready for this “tech change”. 52% answered that the companies they work for use very little automation; 18% say that they are not automated at all and only 29% embrace automation.

95% affirmed that Human Resources  lacks specific technologies for it’s area, meaning that they are aware of the necessity of technological growth within this industry.

Social Media

Social media still plays an important role in the recruitment process, according to this survey: 56% of companies use LinkedIn and 26% use Facebook to market their open positions and attract candidates.

A candidate’s profile on their social media page isn’t taken into account when they’re being recruiting, the resume, on the other hand,  is the main piece of information being analyzed according to 77% of the interviewed.

But how much trust  can we put in a resume? Could candidates possibly showcase their true potential through a piece of paper?

How can we invest in technology without giving up the human aspect of recruiting, or the use of social media?

Plooral has the technology your HR team needs to become even more efficient when recruiting, without losing touch with interpersonal relationships or giving up your companies core values.

With tools developed for your HR’s strategy and your team, Plooral works as a funnel, discarding candidates that are not qualified for your open positions. At the same time, it delivers candidates who meet your businesses’ expectations.

Plooral is an end-to-end platform, and that’s why it fits into so many categories:

Technology can look scary and it may seem like a high cost investment for some companies, but not with Plooral. By paying $1 per candidate that is able to finish your application process, you can make use of all our tools. Without monthly fees, no implementation and with a pay-as-you-go system – Plooral  gives you more control of your processes.

Your cost is $1 per candidate that is able to complete  your customized application process. If they don’t finish it, you pay nothing.

An automated recruiting process, but with you in charge.

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