The top 3 recruitment trends to adopt and stay ahead of the game!

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Let’s face it, in today’s technology-driven era –  keeping yourself informed of new trends and reading informative studies that pertain to your industry is just as important as any other job function in your role. In the recruiting world, it’s up to hiring managers to keep up with  hiring trends or else they might risk falling behind in the ‘innovative race.’

Thanks to companies like LinkedIn, who study recruiting trends day and night, you can be constantly provided with the insights needed to modify your current companies’ processes, so they’re up to par with the rest of the world and have them be adjusted to your specific business needs to stay ahead of the game.

Below are the 3 most important trends you need to adopt to win the race:

1) More Diversity equates to more growth 

In today’s fast-paced globalized and diversified world,  gender, racial, ethnic and generational diversity in the workplace is mattering more than ever. Not only does it matter, according to Forbes, regulations have already been implemented that enforce more diversification in the workplace.  Talent professionals from all over the world are following these rules: 78% of hiring managers have said that diversity is the top trend impacting how they hire.

But there’s more to this story than following the rule book. Studies have shown that diverse teams bring an increase in productivity, innovation, and engagement to companies, resulting in an overall improvement in company culture and financial performance. So why don’t all companies diversify? Simply because, as hard as it is to find diversity, it’s hard to keep diversity. The solution has proven successful so far has been giving a voice to current diverse employees through Employee Resource Groups and most importantly giving CEO’s and other executive teams a lesson on the relevance of diversity, resulting in how they present their company missions and overall goals.

Some recruitment apps on the market have already adapted to this trend… such as Plooral.

Plooral can stimulate diversity and contribute to the growth of your company. Through your own customized assessment test you can create questions regarding diversity (for example) and filter candidates during your selection process based on their answers. This way you will have a big picture view of all the diverse candidates applying for your position!

2) Technology Tools, use them to your advantage

I’m sure you’ve heard of Artificial Intelligence or in other words A.I. But what the majority of recruiters and HR teams alike don’t know, is how A.I, along with a set of innovative tech tools, can not only make recruiting fun – but improve a recruiter’s chances of finding more qualified candidates in less time.

Don’t believe me? According to Social Talent’s Global Recruiting Survey, artificial technology, and other technologies have increased recruiter’s productivity by taking care of the tedious (but important) work such as: sourcing qualified candidates, filtering and matching up candidate skills, screening candidate’s before you even meet them, nurturing candidates and much more.

By completing these tasks in an efficient, accelerated and transparent way, recruiters have more time for what matters: building relationships, probing beyond the resumé, examining interpersonal skills and matching the right compensation to the candidate. But always find room for your creativity and start using A.I and tech tools for more than just the tedious tasks. Companies are interested more than ever in how a candidate can grow the company, and not just within their own role.

Qualifications attributed to decision making, problem-solving, curiosity, and emotional intelligence, are highly sought after, and with the help of technology, easy to recognize. Embrace A.I and tech tools, they’re here to help you.  

3) Spicing up your Interview Process

Confirmation bias is the current hairy monster all recruiters and companies want to fight against today. In summary, Confirmation Bias is “[…]  a tendency to search for, or interpret information in a way that confirms one’s preconceptions –  leading to statistical errors.” The bad news is that confirmation bias along with statistical errors were ever-so-present in our former traditional interview models. The good news is, we’re reinventing the system and getting our stats right.

By running away from traditional interview models and ultimately embracing new methodologies to evaluate candidate’s soft skills, weaknesses, problem-solving traits and a variety of other skill sets, HR managers can worry less about existing biases and lean more on the true numbers.

According to LinkedIn’s 2018 trend report the 5 techniques being embraced by hiring managers all over the world have been: online soft skills assessments, job auditions, casual interviews, virtual reality, and video interviews. These techniques not only showcase the candidates’ skills in a fair and unbiased way, but they also add fun to the candidate’s interview process and increase the chances of finding a qualified candidate in a pool of thousands.

An upcoming star example of a company using one of these trendy techniques is Citi Bank who has abandoned the old tactic of evaluating candidates by their college GPA’s,  and has instead adopted a 20-minute customized survey that not only measures and ranks candidates’ soft skills but also gives them a greater diversity pool (remember how important diversity is?).

Our platform Plooral is another example of a tool that’s helping fight the ‘Confirmation Bias’ monster.  So far is has adopted innovative interview techniques above: such as the online skills assessment, which can be customized for each job posting, and the video interview which is also 100% customized to the company’s liking! Not only can candidates be filtered and ranked based on their assessment results, members of the team can join in the process by giving candidate’s scores on performance. This way, multiple key holders can weigh in – decreasing chances for bias results.

To wrap it up.. 

Many articles and reports on trends have been bombarding the internet in 2018. Some of these trends are certainly more important than others.

This list includes the essential trends that should be adopted by you, your HR team and your company in order to stay ahead of the game in the recruiting industry.

Remember: embracing a diverse workplace, using technology tools to your advantage and finding innovative ways to interview your candidates, are most likely going to increase the chances of growing your company’s culture and success, finding the most qualified candidates in the least amount of time and of fighting against old-school trends such as bias and discrimination.

Stay on top of your recruiting game and lead your company into the wave of innovation.

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