Plooral helps businesses grow through the power of: people.

Move your organization forward with a human-driven solution that helps your team hire, skill, develop and retain employees.

All-in-one platform

Attract, hire and prepare your candidates and employees with the skills your organization needs.

Recruit & Hire

Seamless hiring from beginning to end.

Attract, qualify and hire candidates in less time with more data. Manage your team, positions, recruitment tasks and more.

Personalized Recruitment

Candidate Experience

Team Collaboration

Automated Workflow

Build a customized recruiting experience from start to finish.

Create a flexible and customized hiring process for every position, team and organizational need.

Qualify & Develop

Prepare your candidates and employees with the skills your organization needs.

Eliminate the talent gap by developing both your applicants and workforce through skills-based learning.

Agile Learning

Personalized Content

Social Community

Content Curation

Deliver content quickly and flexibly in the flow of work to better suit busy schedules.

Offer learning resources in the form of audio, video, articles or content pills and give your learners the option to choose what best fits their needs.

Everyone gets the experience they deserve

Plooral is powered by data analytics

The organizational data you need, at the touch of your fingertips.

Unleash the power of intellectual capital through accessible and intelligent data.

  • Access to live dashboards and key metrics

  • Gain insights on your intellectual capital

  • Export custom data using intelligent filters

  • Analyze recruitment and hiring metrics

  • Add data filters to analyze KPIs

  • Custom B.I integrations