Plooral LX

Learning and development aligned to your organizational needs.

Give your workforce the power to build their skills and grow through resources, community and data.

Upskill, reskill and train teams to solve any challenge.

Discover the industry’s best e-learning content or distribute your own.

Inspire and develop your workforce by promoting learning culture

  • Build personalized learning paths for your team with Plooral lists based on career development or team needs
  • Upload your organizational learning content or discover and add industry content from within Plooral or any provider
  • Use an intelligent search engine for an interactive and engaging content exploration experience
  • Upload content as private or public and use fine grain sharing permissions to make sure content is delivered into the right hands

Foster skills driven learning based on career plans

Empower your organization to move towards the right direction

  • Segment learning content and journeys based on users, skills, career plans or other L&D strategies
  • Integrate with any LMS provider to focus on delivering a learning experience that is tailored to you…
  • Allow social sharing across your organization to promote team knowledge and collaboration
  • Have access to industry data to learn which educational resources to recommend to your workforce so they can remain competitive

Learning and development aligned to your organizational needs.


Eliminate the skills gap within your organization.

Gain access to thousands of skilled candidates or qualify your own.

  • Link learning content to your company’s open roles to qualify candidates before they reach your hiring funnel
  • Showcase your employer brand and allow candidates to discover more about your company culture, environment and needs.
  • Use Plooral’s skill directory to explore skills needed within your organization for upcoming roles an…
  • Access Plooral’s community to search for and invite candidates to your open positions based on skills and learning journey

Leverage data to make informed decisions across your organization

Use pre-built dashboards and personalized reporting to keep track of your organization’s learning and development.

  • Track your employee’s skills, training, development and learning journeys to understand if your L&D strategies are working effectively
  • Gain insights across teams to chart abilities and mobilize internal and external talent for open positions
  • Have access to industry analytics and compare your organization and workforce to the rest of the market