Enlizt is now Plooral

In addition to offering our recruitment and hiring platform (ATS) we now have a qualification, learning and development solution (LXP).

We were Enlizt

Recruitment and hiring platform

We were born in 2018 with the mission to transform how recruiting and hiring is done across the world. Since then, we have revolutionized HR by humanizing the application process for both candidates and recruiters so they can reap the benefits of a long lasting, strategic and committed relationship.

Enlizt has proved to be a successful recruitment platform for:

1,000+ companies around the world/ +1 million candidates who used our platform to search for and apply to job opportunities / +10K hired employees

From the beginning, our mission has been to help foster a humanized connection between companies and candidates.

The job market is in constant change due to the rise of technology. With these changes in the recent years, a new phenomenon has appeared: the "talent black out", or the “skills gap.” Today, there is an existing gap between the skills professionals bring to the market and the skills that businesses actually require from hired talent and employees, to meet their company demands.

We realize that businesses not only face challenges regarding their recruitment processes, but have also dealt with the high rates of talent shortage in the market. This is why we've created an ecosystem that understands and helps companies recruit, hire, qualify, develop, and retain their candidates and employees.

Enlizt is now Plooral

Eduployment Platform

Not only have we changed our name and brand, but also our positioning as a company, Plooral is now an Eduployment platform. The platform has both a recruitment and selection (ATS - Applicant Tracking System) module and has now evolved by adding a professional qualification module focused on helping candidates and employees develop the skills required by the job market today. We want to help businesses recruit and hire candidates by supporting their skills development journey through Plooral, while also training and developing internal teams.

Plooral is a unique shared ecosystem containing individuals, businesses and partners who all believe in reinventing the Eduployment journey through lifelong learning!

What happens now?

Does Enlizt not exist anymore?

The Enlizt brand doesn't exist anymore. Our name now is Plooral. Enlizt's recruitment platform will now become Plooral Hire and will continue to exist and evolve as one of the modules offered by Plooral.

Have prices changed?

Our modules Plooral Hire and Plooral LX can be used separately. If you were an Enlizt client, you can begin using Plooral Hire for no exta cost and use Plooral LX free of charge (up to 20 users). We highly recommend using both Plooral Hire and Plooral LX modules to achieve better results.

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